At Your Own Risk
At Your Own Risk
Studio album by King Tee


24 September 1990


1989-1990 at Milagro Sound Records (Glendale, California)


Hip hop, West Coast hip hop






Bilal Bashir, J.R. Coes, DJ Pooh, E-Swift, King Tee, Bronick Wrobleski

King Tee chronology


Act a Fool (1988)


Tha Triflin' Album (1993)

At Your Own Risk is the second studio album by American hip hop musician King Tee, released in 1990 on Capitol Records. It was mainly produced by King Tee himself and DJ Pooh, but also contains production work by E-Swift of Tha Alkaholiks, and Bilal Bashir, among others. The album features guest appearances by E-Swift, who appears on "E Get Swift", and Ice Cube and Breeze, who both appear on the song "Played Like a Piano". 

The album peaked at #175 on the Billboard 200, and #35 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. It only had one charting single, "Ruff Rhyme (Back Again)", which reached #18 on the Hot Rap Singles chart. 

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Introduction" - Bilal Bashir, King Tee 2:25
2. "At Your Own Risk" King Tee DJ Pooh, King Tee 4:06
3. "Ruff Rhyme (Back Again)" King Tee DJ Pooh 3:31
4. "On the Dance Tip" King Tee J.R. Coes, Bronick Wrobleski, DJ Pooh (co.) 4:07
5. "Jay Fay Dray" King Tee DJ Pooh 1:06
6. "Skanless" King Tee DJ Pooh 4:19
7. "Take You Home" King Tee DJ Pooh, J.R. Coes (co.) 4:17
8. "Diss You" King Tee Bilal Bashir 4:15
9. "Time to Get Out" King Tee DJ Pooh 3:28
10. "Can This Be Real (Remix)" King Tee DJ Pooh 3:46
11. "E Get Swift" King Tee, E-Swift DJ Pooh, E-Swift 3:49
12. "Do Your Thing" - DJ Pooh 1:37
13. "King Tee Production" King Tee DJ Pooh, King Tee 2:31
14. "Played Like a Piano" King Tee, Ice Cube, Breeze DJ Pooh 4:59

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