Studio album by 415




Hip hop, West Coast hip hop, gangsta rap




Big League


Daryl "DJ Daryl" Anderson, Kirk "Kickin' Kirk" Crumpler, Darrin "Digital-D" Harris, J.E.D., Darrell A. Jackson (exec.)

415 chronology


Nu Niggaz on tha Blokkk (1991)

41Fivin is the debut album by American hip hop group 415, released in 1990 on Big League Records, Inc. The album was reissued by Priority Records in 1991 when the group signed to the label, but both original and repressed copies sell for high prices.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Producer(s) Time
1. "41Fivin" J.E.D., Daryl "DJ Daryl" Anderson 5:36
2. "Snitches & Bitches" J.E.D., Daryl "DJ Daryl" Anderson 4:45
3. "Niggas Just Jock Me" J.E.D., Daryl "DJ Daryl" Anderson 5:04
4. "415" J.E.D., Daryl "DJ Daryl" Anderson 5:48
5. "Lavish" J.E.D., Darrin "Digital-D" Harris 4:26
6. "Tic Tac (Nic Nac)" J.E.D., Daryl "DJ Daryl" Anderson 1:34
7. "Groupie Ass Bitch" J.E.D., Darrin "Digital-D" Harris 4:10
8. "Side Show" J.E.D., Darrin "Digital-D" Harris 3:55
9. "Court in the Street" J.E.D., Darrin "Digital-D" Harris 4:09
10. "Call It What You Want 2" J.E.D., Daryl "DJ Daryl" Anderson 4:28
11. "Ruthless Is Reality" J.E.D., Daryl "DJ Daryl" Anderson 5:50
12. "Smoke Show" J.E.D., Kirk "Kickin' Kirk" Crumpler 6:02

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