2 Real
2 Real


South Park, Houston, Texas, United States


Hip hop, Southern hip hop

Years active



Crunk (1997-2003)

Associated acts

Mob Money, South Park Coalition


  • Mr. Everline
  • Vinnie Valentine

2 Real is an American hip hop duo from Houston, Texas, consisting of brothers Mr. Everline and Vinnie Valentine (formerly Lil' D & Lil' V). The group is a part of the groups South Park Coalition and Mob Money.

2 Real released their debut album, Welcome 2 tha Real World, in 1997 on their label Crunk Records. After a period of inactivity, they released a sampler in 2003, a mixtape in 2007 and a promo disc in 2008, before releasing their second studio album, Any Last Words?, in 2011.


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