Mixtape by Joey Bada$$


12 June 2012




Hip hop






Bruce LeeKix, Chuck Strangers, Creative Control (exec.), J Dilla, Freddie Joachim, Jonnyshipes (exec.), Knxwledge, Lord Finesse, MF DOOM, Lewis Parker, Statik Selektah, Vin Skully

1999 is the debut mixtape by American rapper Joey Bada$$, released in 2012 as a free digital download. It features original production work by Chuck Strangers, Statik Selektah, and Bruce LeeKix, amongst instrumentals produced by MF DOOM, J Dilla and Lord Finesse. The mixtape also features guest appearances from members of Pro Era, a collective of which Bada$$ is a member.

1999 was nominated for mixtape of the year by BET, and was highly ranked on a number of publications' year-end "best of" lists. It was praised for Joey's vocals and the nostalgic feel that the mixtape presents.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Summer Knights" Joey Bada$$ Chuck Strangers 1:56
2. "Waves" Joey Bada$$ 3:32
3. "FromdaTomb$" Joey Bada$$, Chuck Strangers Chuck Strangers 3:25
4. "Survival Tactics" Joey Bada$$, Capital STEEZ 3:32
5. "Killuminati" Joey Bada$$, Capital STEEZ 2:34
6. "Hardknock" Joey Bada$$, CJ Fly 5:18
7. "World Domination" Joey Bada$$ 2:43
8. "Pennyroyal" Joey Bada$$ 2:50
9. "Funky Ho'$" Joey Bada$$ 4:29
10. "Daily Routine" Joey Bada$$ Chuck Strangers 2:58
11. "Snakes" Joey Bada$$, T'nah Apex 4:19
12. "Don't Front" Joey Bada$$, CJ Fly Statik Selektah 4:22
13. "Righteous Minds" Joey Bada$$ Bruce LeeKix 3:44
14. "Where It'$ At?" Joey Bada$$, Kirk Knight 4:09
15. "Suspect" Joey Bada$$, Capital STEEZ, CJ Fly, Chuck Strangers, Dyemond Lewis, NYCk Caution, Kirk Knight, Rokamouth, T'nah Apex, Dessy Hinds Chuck Strangers 11:47


  • Track 2 uses the song "Waves", produced by Freddie Joachim.
  • Track 4 uses an instrumental version of "Survival Tactics", performed by Styles of Beyond and produced by Vin Skully.
  • Track 5 uses the song "WhoKares", produced by Knxwledge.
  • Track 6 uses an instrumental version of "Eyes of Dreams", performed and produced by Lewis Parker.
  • Track 7 uses the song "Datura Stramonium", produced by Metal Fingers.
  • Track 8 uses the song "Pennyroyal", produced by Metal Fingers.
  • Track 9 uses an instrumental version of "All Night", performed by Xperadó and produced by Lord Finesse.
  • Track 11 uses an instrumental version of "Alien Family", performed by Illa J and produced by J Dilla.
  • Track 14 uses an instrumental version of "Strugglin'", performed by Illa J and produced by J Dilla.

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